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How One Young Entrepreneur- Abhilash Salimath, Co-Founder of Being Eco - Is Attempting to Bring a Paradigm Shift in Waste Management

After working amidst a Dalit community in a village, Abhilash Salimath realised his true calling was to undo the damage that humans have done to this planet and make a difference in society. Read on to know more about this young entrepreneur with a futuristic vision.This man has always been passionate about the environment for as long as he can remember. It started out with a love for the natural world and evolved into an elaborate network of beliefs about the importance of safeguarding the environment. After working in a Dalit community for six months, he decided to put his passion into practice and co-founded a waste management company called Being Eco. Read on to know more about Abhilash Salimath, the young entrepreneur who wants to make sustainability sexy.

Building Toilets to Promote Hygiene in the Dalit Community
“The idea behind this project was to bring about a change in the practices of the community members of this village,” says Abhilash. “I wanted to shift the current practice of open defecation (ODF) to using an ecological sanitation facility.” Abhilash lived in a Dalit community for six months and helped them build waterless toilets, since water was very scarce in the village. He also promoted the safety of women through the use of these toilets. It was here that Abhilash realised that his true calling was to work in the socio-environment sector. He wanted to work with communities to “undo the damage that we humans have done to our planet”. That’s how Being Eco was founded.

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